We are presenting our residents, selected through the Open Call for the E-ROUTES In-Residency Program in late 2023.

Radmila Marčić was born on July 3, 1970, in Vladičin Han, where she finished elementary school and high school in Vranje. She is a master historian by profession from the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade. She worked as a history teacher in elementary schools and as a journalist for the online magazine La Vie en Rose. In recent years, she has been researching the Armenian ethnic group and she is the founder of the Center for Language and Culture of Armenians in Serbia and the Balkans of Moskopola. Radmila was the author of the exhibition “Notable Vranje Families of Aromanian Origin.” The exhibition was held in the gallery of the House of Culture in Vranje from August 19 to September 3, 2021. Also, she completed the master’s course Holocaust and other genocides. The experience of Southeast Europe and the course III: Historiography and the Holocaust. She also completed the course on feminism with a certificate from the TPO Foundation in Sarajevo. Radmila successfully attended the international seminar in Šabac on August 20–24, 2023. We learn from the past; we act for the future, by teaching, about the Holocaust, and human rights.