Associated partners:

1)         Biblioteka Matice srpske, Novi Sad (Matica Srpska Library),

2)         ICARUS Italy APS,

3)         Knjižnica i čitaonica Grada Preloga (Prelog library and reading room, Croatia),


The Matica Srpska Library is the oldest Serbian national library and the first public and scientific library of the Serbs. It was founded in 1826 in Budapest, together with the foundation of the Matica Srpska Literary Society. It was moved to Novi Sad in 1864. The Library became an independent institution in 1958, and the founder was the Matica Srpska Literary Society. The Library has the world’s largest collection of Serbian old and rare books from the 13th to the 19th century. It receives the sample copy of all publications printed in Serbia since 1948. The library collects, preserves, and gives public access to publications received by sample copy, exchange, gift, and purchase. Restoration, conservation, microfilming and digitization are also done in the Library. The Library’s collections include over 4 million books, in the Serbian as well as in 109 different languages. The Library exchanges publications with 320 institutions around the world. It has the research center for citations of Serbian scientific workers in international scientific journals. The Library publishes catalogues, bibliographies, news, books about bibliology and other editions.


ICARUS Italy APS as the association was born in July 2019 from 8 founders members, after an intensive cooperation with the Icarus-International Centre for Archival Research and after accepting all the ideas of international collaboration and digitization. ICARUS Italy was established to: enhance cultural heritage through the redevelopment of unused public assets or assets confiscated from organized crime; organize, manage and promote new projects through inter-institutional and international collaboration; provide university and post-university training; support scientific research; intensify cooperation with the Icarus community; organize debates, seminars, workshops and training courses, formation of group work and research; conferences; sharing publication of studies and research; publication of digital content; promotion of workshops and retrieve the historical memory of the community; production of videos, audio-visual and photographic stuff and virtual and physical exhibitions.


Prelog library and reading room, Croatia, as the public library is the main local access to knowledge, life-long learning and cultural development. It was Croatia’s public library of the year in 2017. As an information centre it provides access to information to all of its users and community members. Beside traditional work with readers of all ages and accompanying services, Prelog library provides numerous opportunities for personal creative development, builds awareness of cultural heritage, and actively promotes dialogue between cultures and cultural differences.