E-ROUTES project and consortium, with the support of the Creative Europe Program of the European Union, in collaboration with ICARUS Croatia, consortium ICARUS, State archives in Šibenik and other partners, remind colleagues working in GLAM sector, researchers at universities, institutes, research centers, practitioners in cultural tourism, students, and other interested colleagues, that our first international conference entitled Enhancing heritage experience – exploring cultural routes, will be held during the 8th ICARUS Croatia Days, in Šibenik, Croatia, 23–24 March 2023.

For the next ten days the Call for Papers will stay open and we invite you to prepare abstracts of papers (max. 500 words) and submit them through the submission form at https://bit.ly/3huGpcR

The Call for Papers will be open until 15 January 2023 and will not be extended, so take this opportunity to present your work, collection or relevant project at the conference, in front of an international audience. For additional information please consult our Contact page.