The E-ROUTES team proudly announces that Time travel routes through Europe – E-ROUTES project has successfully started on July 1, 2022.

This 36 months project is supported and co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

The project consortia is established between partners from four countries that share common interest, making the proposed idea a cooperative and collaborative effort of a multinational team. This will help in broadening the impact of the project to the widest global audience, particularly for everyone interested in the cultural heritage and tourism in Europe.

Partners in the project are Serbian Library Association (coordinator), ICARUS Croatia, National and University Library Slovenia, and UNINA-Centro MUSA (Musei delle Scienze Agrarie) of the Federico II University of Naples (beneficiaries). The project has also three associated partners from Serbia (Biblioteka Matice srpske), Croatia (Knjiznica grada Preloga) and Italy (ICARUS Italy).

The project Time travel routes through Europe (E-ROUTES) is designed with the aim of delivering a new approach in presenting European travel routes through GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums) holdings and artistic material that have mutual cultural denominations for the countries participating in the project. The project delivers a multi-layered platform in the form of digital collections, user-friendly application with augmented reality, multicultural artistic and specialist communication and exchange program. This multi-layered platform will provide means for the research, selection, digitization, presentation and usage of the travel routes material, such as travelogues, diaries, biographies, works of art, images, photos, etc.

E-ROUTES geographic interest will be the four countries that make part of a well-connected region in terms of historical paths and modern highways. But it will not be limited within the borders of Italy, Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia, nor will the historical authors or artists originating from these countries be only used. The project has a wider European perspective, which also includes all European authors writing about their experience of travel through the mentioned lands from the 18th century until present time.