Within a programe of the Serbian Library Association XIX annual conference, a panel session was held on 15th December 2022 with a theme: Cross-Sector Networking and Connection “with Others” as a Source of Professional Development.

Session was moderated by Bogdan Trifunović (Serbian Library Association & Čačak Public Library) and panelists were:

* Milena Dragićević Šešić (Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Belgrade)

* Jelena Glišović (National Library of Serbia, Belgrade)

* Predrag Živković (Art Gallery Nadežda Petrović Čačak)

The panel session was about an experience of interdisciplinary projects from the domain of culture that brought new quality and innovations in the country and abroad. Special attention was about what is new in the current practice brought by the Creative Europe project E-Routes, and how it can be transferred as practical knowledge in professional circles.

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