Do you own or have rights to cultural heritage or contemporary artistic production about travel experiences, such are artifacts, works of art, travelogues, letters, photos, video, audio recordings or something else that might become part of new cultural time travel routes in Europe, particularly in Italy, Slovenia, Croatia or Serbia?

The E-ROUTES team is looking for contributors for its online crowdsourcing campaign that will enrich already existing collections, mostly kept within cultural or academic institutions, with new items that belong to individual persons. That way a new level of collection building will be established within the project’s objectives and goals, but also the improved visibility of the scattered artifacts and works-of-art that might become part of new cultural routes which will be established at the end of E-ROUTES project.

Please fill-in the form at and contribute with your own personal story to the creation and diversity of new cultural routes we are seeking to establish. For more information or questions check out the Contact page of the website.