The beginning of 2023 for E-ROUTES!

After an exciting previous year for the E-ROUTES team, a lot of activities are planned within the project in 2023, which are awaiting the team and many external collaborators.

What's new?

Enhancing heritage experience – exploring cultural routes E-ROUTES international conference was successfully organized during the 8th ICARUS Croatia Days, in Šibenik, Croatia, 22–25 March 2023. Over 140 registered participants from many European countries participated in four days intensive agenda, full of interesting lectures, sessions, workshops, book promotions and sightseeing. The second project team meeting was also organized in Šibenik on 24 March.

The E-ROUTES blog series was started in February 2023, with the first blog entry from our associated partners from the Prelog library and reading room, Croatia. Read about the wonderful Međimurje area, its beautiful scenery and the cultural heritage of the city of Prelog, in the blog signed by Maja Lesinger and Dominika Lukačić – Murković.

In January and February 2023 the team conducted a survey about the collections and GLAM holdings relevant to the topic of cultural routes in Europe from the 18th century until nowadays. The survey collected data about 26 collections from 10 European countries, out of which 25 collections would consider to become a part of the E-ROUTES new cultural routes.

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"E-ROUTES: Time travel routes through Europe" is the Creative Europe project co-funded by the European Union (Call: CREA-CULT-2021-COOP), Project number: 101056580, through the the European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) as the EU granting authority.

For more information about the project please check the following links:
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Successful conference

E-Routes conference within the 8th ICARUS Hrvatska Days was a huge success, thank you to each and everyone who participated! Our biggest gratitude goes to our hosts: Gradska knjižnica "Juraj Šižgorić" Šibenik, Civitas Sacra, Grad Šibenik, Državni arhiv u Šibeniku, Ministarstvo kulture i medija Republike Hrvatske, Dariah HR, Šibenik-Knin County, ICARUS - International Centre for Archival Research

Read our blogs!

"The northernmost and smallest Croatian county of Međimurje is known to the public as The Land Between Waters – the Mura in the north and the Drava in the South. Because of it’s many natural beauties, Međimurje is called the Croatian Flower Garden, and in it’s lower part, along the left bank of the Drava river, is the small town of Prelog." :)
The E-ROUTES project team proudly announces that project’s blog series started, with the first blog entry from our associated partners from the Prelog library and reading room, Croatia. Enjoy reading it in both English and Croatian!

Šibenik team meeting, March 24

The second on-site meeting of the E-ROUTES team was held on March 24, 2023 in Šibenik. The venue was the City Library "Juraj Šižgorić".

In the meeting opening, the project coordinator Bogdan Trifunović pointed out the most important tasks for the activity of collection building, especially regarding a recently conducted survey and a possible way of spatial presentation of collections.
Following presentation was given by Bakir Toskić, head of Digital library development department at NUK, entitled "From digitalization to Europeana: introduction to workflow, role of NUK as aggregator and Europeana Content and Metadata Tiers", that has given to partners a framework for all aspects of digitalization needed for the workflow of the project.
Team member from the MUSA - Musei della Reggia di Portici, Antonello Migliozzi presented about geoinformatics capacities of the institution and possibilities of including an artistic collection about Mount Vesuvius into the project.
The meeting was also attended by Tatjana Brzulović Stanisavljević, the representative of the Univerzitetska Biblioteka Svetozar Markovic which participated in the recently conducted survey and Koraljka Kuzman Šlogar as a memeber of ICARUS Hrvatska community.
During the discussion partners have agreed on following steps regarding the conference proceeding and the future steps in this year for the need of the project. Results of the meeting are the updated working document with specified points of interest for all partners and the guidelines for metadata collecting through activities on the collection building.
E-ROUTES team thanks to the Gradska knjižnica "Juraj Šižgorić" Šibenik for their support and for being an excellent host!
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